What Rhymes with “Aardvark”?

Posted: May 15, 2011 in Writing
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I wrote my first and only book of poetry when I was 8. Self-published (stapled it together myself). Small run (one copy).  Original artwork by the author (magic markers on construction paper). It was titled “A Book of Poams for my Mother”.  Ambitious poet?  Certainly. Champion speller? Not so much. Each poem had two defining characteristics: they all related to my mother in some way and they all rhymed. 

These days I’m a poet of necessity; I write poetry when I have to. Case in point: some years ago I needed a short piece for a commemorative booklet I was writing for the South Dakota World War II Memorial Dedication.  Despite an intensive search, I couldn’t find a poem that felt right. At the last minute, I dusted off my poetry skills and wrote: “In trenches dark, on beaches wide, in fiery skies, on rolling sea. With fearless hearts and selfless pride, you bravely fought to keep us free.”

The piece was approved, the project was printed, and I was officially a published poet. And I was still rhyming.

Today I read an amazing poem by writer Rita Weatherbee. We both belong to a Starving Artists Club that promotes and celebrates the different forms of artistic expression. Her poem was insightful, emotional and well-written. And it didn’t even rhyme.

So here’s to writers who spin their tales in forms both fixed and free, creating works to be enjoyed by the likes of you and me. Yeah, old habits do die hard, don’t they?

  1. Trademark rhymes with aardvark, and I challenge you to write a poem (or poam) using it! Your WWII commemorative poem has always given me tingles. Can you add a page on your blog for your work and put the whole thing in? Love!

    • Kelly Thompson says:

      Challenging me to write a poem using aardvark and trademark, huh? Well, all right, I’ll do it! Keep an eye on this space for the next day or two…

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