Old Dog, New Tricks

Posted: August 2, 2011 in fiction, humor, Life, storytelling, Writing
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I’ll teach you to ignore me, Buddy thought. Grasping the rolled-up newspaper, he smacked Chuck smartly on the leg, causing him to yelp and jump.

Buddy glanced towards the kitchen and Chuck trotted obediently through the doorway, returning a moment later with a shiny metal food bowl which he laid on the floor at Buddy’s feet. His master murmured approvingly, once and then again, when Chuck returned a second time with the fraying rope toy they used to play tug-of-war.

Buddy dropped the newspaper on the rug and rolled over on his back. Rubbing the old dog’s belly, Chuck said, “Sorry, buddy, didn’t mean to forget you. Won’t happen again.”

You bet it won’t, Buddy said to himself. Because I’m top dog in this house.

  1. funny! Who is top dog in your house?

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