What are YOU looking at?

Posted: November 12, 2011 in humor, Life, storytelling, Writing
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She’d pressed her nose to forbidden glass before. Not literally, of course, but from a respectable distance like the sidewalk. Which is where she started from the morning she got caught window-peeping.

She rounded the corner by the big green house as she’d done a hundred times before. She was almost past, just at the far fence, when the woman flipped on the light. The walker stopped, jaw dropping. There, perfectly displayed in the picture window was the biggest set she’d ever seen. They hung almost naturally but she knew better. Those babies were custom-made, by somebody who knew what they were doing. My God, she thought, what does a set like that GO for, anyway? They wouldn’t come cheap but it’d be money well spent and she didn’t think her husband would mind. Come on, he’d get some enjoyment out of them, too.

She wandered off the sidewalk and into the grass to get a closer look and was under the weeping willow tree by the flower garden when the woman by the window froze, sensing something outside.  “Oh, shit! Um, what do I do?” the walker silently shrieked. What she did was duck behind the tree trunk, sprint to the fence, and make for the street, looking back once to see the woman yank the fabric closed and cover them up.

I smiled as I turned at the next corner. As much as it sucked to get caught I wasn’t ashamed that I’d looked. In fact, I’m thinking of getting me a set just like ’em. Because they were the nicest built-in, floor to ceiling bookshelves I’d ever seen…

Like these...but BIGGER!

  1. Kaitlin says:

    Oooo! Yay! Bookshelves!

  2. Leering at furniture through the window pane; that’s how stalking starts. What’s next, kitchen cabinetry?

  3. Renee Weatherbee says:

    Sounds like you’ve got a bad case of bookshelf envy. You’d better seek professional help.

  4. Kay Vallery Young says:

    Absolutely love it–and the comments! Made my day!!!

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