Let’s Do Coffee Sometime, huh?

Posted: December 1, 2011 in fiction, humor, Life, storytelling, Writing
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It’s the day after National Novel Writing Month; do you know where YOUR characters are?

I haven’t seen mine since last night when we celebrated our 2011 NaNoWriMo win. We shared hot wings and margaritas, reminisced, slapped some high fives. Then suddenly, there was this awkward silence, followed by some lame excuses about being tired and wanting some “alone time”.  Next thing I know, my characters just sort of drifted out the door and left me sitting there. Alone. With no one to talk to.

When you spend the better part of the 30 days hath November chasing that elusive 50,000 word goal, you eat, sleep and breathe your characters. You put thoughts in their heads, words in their mouths, make them do things they should or shouldn’t. It’s a huge responsibility, a major commitment, and a serious source of withdrawal when it’s over. After I’ve typed “The End” and put the manuscript away to marinate for a month, I can’t help but wonder – how will those crazy characters get along without me?

I worry most about you, Lorraine. Nineteen-year-old with a newborn, baby daddy in the Pacific for God knows how long, future mother-in-law hovering, watching your every move. And how is your penniless, alcoholic father going to make it back to Nebraska?

Hester, I hope you’re not still pining for Jack because he’s going to be in Leavenworth for a good 20 years and really, do you want to spend half your life waiting for a cheating husband who kills for a hooker? You can do better; I know a good attorney.

Ah, Louise. What a tough time it’s been for you. Family destroyed, stranger in a strange land, and now a boyfriend who may never walk again. I should have written you in a vacation somewhere.

And Muriel, I say this to you with love: Get. Some. Therapy. Please. What kind of woman follows a man to a prison camp because she can’t bear to be alone? A crazy woman, that’s who. You’ll never have a decent relationship until you work out those self-esteem issues.

I miss you, my “Iron Maidens”. Oh, it’s not like I won’t ever see you again. We’ve got that editing/rewrite thing coming up after Christmas and we’ll do plenty of talking then. But in the meantime, if you just want to hang out or grab a coffee or something, call me. I’ll be waiting.



  1. ottabelle says:

    I did not -mean- to see mine today, at all. He sort of, forced me to see him. But we had to a good time and I wrote a funny scene. Your story sounds great, good luck with it!

  2. Thanks, luck back at you on yours! I like your posts chronicling your NaNo progress. I wasn’t even thinking about writing novels when I was your age but that’s about the time I started stringing for United Press International. Keep it up!

  3. Kay Vallery Young says:

    Wow, Kelly–harsh! You really come down on a girl when she’s hit bottom! On the other hand, you created them, you should know how to fix ’em. Whatever–you piqued MY interest. You publish it, I’ll read it (and then I’LL come to you to “be fixed”.)

    • Europe and the U.S. in the 1940’s were harsh places for women and really, if you knew Muriel, you’d know she’s WAY beyond fixing. =)

      If I get it published, I’ll make sure you get an autographed copy!

  4. I bet your characters miss you, too, although obviously some of them can be forgiven if they have mixed feelings about you. Yay for you for finishing!

  5. Renee Weatherbee says:

    I can’t wait to read the finished project. Your characters sound like my kind of people! LOL! Congrats on getting this far.

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