20 Questions: The Final Answer

Posted: December 29, 2011 in Blogging, Creativity, Life
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The question has been asked and answered, to and by someone who is not me. She said yes, which is good. Because if I’d been asked, I’d have said no. Which is also good. For me.

I like blogging because it makes me think, not only about what I want to say, but sometimes simply about what I WANT, period.  Back when I posted “20 Questions”, I wasn’t sure if the job I had interviewed for was something I really wanted. It had some definite pluses: travel, public speaking, chance to work with old friends, and (this is a HUGE one for me), no more “Director on Call” duties one week a month. But it also had one glaring minus: the lack of creative opportunity.

That was the first thing one of the interviewers mentioned when she stopped by my office today to tell me I didn’t get the job. “J” was my previous supervisor for 12 years and she wanted to break the news to me in person for two reasons: to explain why I didn’t get it and to ask what my answer would have been had they offered it.  It came down to creativity, in both cases. Having the chance to be creative every day is like having air to breathe – I need it. They knew that, and they also knew I wouldn’t get it in that job. The position is 20% creative, 80% administrative. In a typical 40-hour work week, that’s one day of inhaling deeply and four days of holding your breath. “J” said they had no doubt I could do the job but that the day-to-day “drudgery” of it would have done me in. Left me gasping for that creative air. She asked if I’d thought of that. I had, which confirmed for her that had they asked, I’d have declined.

I know the woman they hired and she’ll do a fantastic job. They’re lucky to be getting her and I told “J” as much. As for me, while the job I have now isn’t perfect (no job ever is, no matter how great it sounds), I get to do something creative EVERY DAY and that makes it worth showing up for, even on the worst of days. So tonight, I’m hoisting a glass of my favorite red wine and nibbling a bit of L’Artigiano chocolate (courtesy of my friend, Lynnette, over at Wordtabulous. You were right – it’s fabulous) in celebration of my NOT getting the job. So raise a glass with me, friends…to opportunities best missed. SALUT!

  1. You’re a smart one. You know it and “they” know it. And I gotta tell ya, I hear “80 per cent drudgery” and you do not come quickly to mind. Go be delightfully provocative elsewhere.

  2. Congratulations, Kelly! You are a woman who knows what you want and need. That is something to celebrate!

  3. You are also a woman who knows how to celebrate! Red wine and chocolate–NICE! I also like white wine and chocolate, and milk and chocolate, and tea and chocolate, and coffee and chocolate. Sometimes nachos, too, but not with chocolate…before chocolate. I am happy for you and your creative outlets! I am happy I get to read your creative outlets on your blog and your works in progress. Keep em coming! Cacao Love!

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