Orphan Train

Posted: January 16, 2012 in family, Life, storytelling, Travel
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I met my brother on an Amtrak bound for Boston.

A stranger disguised, unrecognized,

until my mother said “He’s my youngest”

to the conductor who tried to move him

from the top deck to the bottom,

to an aisle seat from the window.

My sister and I nodded affirmation

and the man with the tickets marched down the aisle,

shaking his head at the boldness of our lie.

For two hours on an Amtrak bound for Boston,

I had a little brother, my mother had a son,

and young Goldman from Connecticut

didn’t have to sit alone.

  1. Kay Vallery Young says:

    I think I would have liked your mom–you and your sister were cool, too!

  2. Heartwarming glimpse into the kind of woman your mother was. Cool story!

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