The Chase

Posted: October 25, 2012 in Life, Poetry, storytelling, Writing
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Swoop, sweep, spiral, spin.

A squadron of sparrows chase past my window.

Wings outspread, feathered bombers,

rapid-fire, they shoot through the treetops.

Seven avian acrobats, over, under,

flight paths cross, they glide in graceful arcs.

Speed round, filing by in formation

like the tethered tail of an unseen kite.

Dipping beneath my view

they skim the surface of the cool creek below

before bursting up through the birch boughs.

Skyward. Cloud-bound.

  1. Kay Vallery Young says:

    Sheer poetry! I can see them–though they’d have to flap their wings a little preflight here. We had about 3 inches of white lace fall on our land last night!

  2. Thanks for the comment, ma’am. The window I watch them through goes floor to ceiling so I have a great view. Our ground here is still brown and bare though the Hills are looking lacy!

  3. Very good. I felt like I was out amidst the birds while reading this poem.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I’m fairly new to this poetry thing and am still getting my head around the fact that all poems don’t have to rhyme. And it’s good to know you’re not a serial killer, Granny! =)

  4. I like your poem a lot and I like the sound of sitting near a big window and being able to look out and enjoy these and other birds and creatures. Sounds very peaceful. And, obviously, inspiring, as it inspired you to write a wonderful poem.

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