When We Pay It Forward

Posted: December 16, 2012 in Holidays, Life, Uncategorized
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GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAOn a single sheet of white paper was typed the following:

“In the spirit of Christmas, please use this small gift to help someone LOCAL and in need. With the influence you have, encourage others to do the same.”

Tucked inside the unsigned note was a $25 money order made out to me. The accompanying envelope had no return address and was postmarked from a city about 200 miles from where I live. It was in my mailbox at the radio station recently when I went in to work.

Others at the station received the same package, as did random residents of our community. No one seemed to know who our mysterious benefactor was or why he or she was making this simple request.

I’ve always made donations to causes and people I care strongly about. Even in the days when money was so tight we could barely afford groceries or to keep the heat on, I donated what I could. There is always someone who is worse off than I am and if I can help them in any small way, it makes me feel better as a person to do it.

I cashed the money order and matched it, giving the donation to the Missouri Shores Domestic Violence Center. Domestic violence is an issue that has touched me personally and 25 years ago, someone helped me at a time when I desperately needed it. I have never forgotten that and I hope my donation will provide the same help for someone else.

I don’t have a money order for you but I do have a request: sometime this holiday season, please make a small gift to someone local and in need, wherever you are. If a monetary gift isn’t possible (and sometimes it just isn’t), give of yourself. A shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, a hand to steady, a word to comfort. We never know how wide our circle of influence can be or who it encompasses.

To the unknown Santa who prompted this post, thank you for what you’re doing. And thank you for including me.

If you received an unexpected $25 to donate to whoever you wanted to, where would you send it?

  1. Carroll says:

    Very good, Kelly.


  2. kvalleryy says:

    Great post–and I imagine you will never know the impact it has had on the greater good. Your circle of influence is greater than you can imagine and the ripples will reach far. What a delightful challenge–I’m thinking–I’m thinking (man, this is hard–so many deserving –but I’ll come up with someone, and it won’t be the guy on the corner with the beautifully printed sign.) Thank you, dear friend.

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