Creativity: No Points for Perfection

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Art, Creativity, family, Life
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Brushing up on my creative skills

Brushing up on my creative skills

My youngest nephew had a baby quilt with one square turned wrong side out. I know this because I made it for him.  Not that way intentionally, of course.  When I handed the stack of cross-stitched squares to my husband who was assembling the quilt (he sews better than I do), one square was facing stitches up.  When it was time to add that square, he just grabbed it and started sewing. Neither of us noticed the error until he held the finished quilt up and there it was near the bottom. I was horrified.

No one will even notice it, said my husband, who is not a good judge of what people notice because he doesn’t notice a lot of things. I will, every time I see it, I said. He refused to dismantle the quilt and fix it and while I knew I could rip it apart in a heartbeat, I couldn’t sew it back together in any presentable fashion.

When we gave the quilt as it was to my sister-in-law, I pointed out the backward square and apologized profusely. She just laughed and said that meant no one else would ever have one like it.

I create a lot of things – artwork, stories, crafts – and I give most of them away to friends and family because that makes me happy. And while I used to agonize over every detail, building and rebuilding the same project over and over until it was absolutely perfect, now if I find a little creative quirk in the finished piece, I leave it.  Because creativity isn’t about perfection, it’s about uniqueness. What makes the things YOU create unique to you?

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties. – Erich Fromm

  1. My joke answer is that my projects are unique because of the heart-stopping mess I leave behind. The real answer is love and courage. Every time I get creative it is because love of the person I make it for or for the craft itself gives me courage to overcome the fear I will do it badly. Someday it won’t be a matter of courage, it will be only a matter of doing what comes naturally, and I look forward to that!

    • As the recipient of some of those amazing projects, I always knew they were made with love. Girl, you’ve got some mad creative skills – go forth with courage and CREATE! Oh, and thanks for stopping by to comment.

  2. Nisha says:

    As much as I agree with your post, I have to say I was more distracted by the fact that your husband can sew! Nevermind that he sewed it on the wrong way, I’m still very impressed… 😀

    • His brothers can sew, too. And cook and iron. Their mother thought it was important that a man knew how to do those things. He doesn’t do them often but he does know how! Great to hear from you as always.

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