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Eegads, I have a blog!

Posted: May 11, 2011 in Uncategorized
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“Blogger” is not a title I ever expected to have. At my full-time, grown-up place of employment (you know, the job you have to keep a roof over your head, food in your belly, retirement plan for your later years), bloggers have not always been kind to us. Eh, it’s the nature of our business; I suspect we have as many enemies as we do fans. And while I have been many times tempted to respond to the negative blog posts, I never have (hello, retirement plan? steady meals? Must keep the job to keep the benefits, you know).

So, why then am I joining their masses and starting my own blog? I’m expanding my writing career (this would be my “doesn’t necessarily pay the bills but keeps me sane” other job).  And although when I started writing over 25 years ago, my main piece of equipment was a tomato-red Selectric typewriter, times have changed, communication has changed, and today’s writer needs to keep up!

 On this blog I’ll share my experiences, professional and personal, about the world of writing, the world of radio (oh yeah, did I mention there’s a THIRD job in there, too?), and finding ways to be creative in general. There’ll be venting, inspiration, do’s and don’ts (and maybe a few “oh no you didn’ts!”), tips and tricks, humorous observations and maybe even a favorite gourmet recipe or two. Kidding; I’m a terrible cook. Stop by when you can, feel free to leave a comment, and welcome to my world!